Quotra Wireless ZigBee Smart RGB WW Strip Lights

Anyone able to get this device to work properly?

Have been using them for months with no issues... now with the new updates I can't reliably get them to fire using rule machine / scenes.

Can you control them reliably using the device page?

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Yes - works fine with the device page.

Maybe you could or should clarify that. They don't turn on and off? The color doesn't work? Dimming?

And maybe tell what driver (Device Type) in the settings page this device is using.

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They don't reliably turn on with rule machine or scenes.

From the device page it is fine.

I'm using the Advanced ZigBee RGBW Light and Generic ZigBee RGBW Light (the generic seems to work "better", but both cannot reliably turn on the strip light via scenes or rule machine).

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