Quiet at the minute

Is this because the team are taking some well-deserved R&R?

Or because the hub has finally been deemed as 'perfect'. Mine certainly seems to be :smiley:


Normally how it goes is there's a new release, then a flurry of fixes/updates come out for a few weeks eventually trailing off, it gets quiet for a bit, then start the whole cycle again with a new release.

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Alpha is likely being worked on as are a couple of other projects. Once in beta we get to play. If you haven't and want to join the beta program, click here


In the known Issues thread Bruce posted that "Barring unforeseen issues, we plan this to be the final 2.3.5 release." So it looks like the next (2.4?) release may be a bigger one taking more time.

That or 2.3.6, depends on the criteria for moving up the version hierarchy. Either way, will be interested to see what new features come in the next release, big or small.

Yes, you are probably right. Looking back at the release history the numbering has been consistently incrementing from x.x.0 to x.x.9 before moving up to x.x+1.0

Can't think if anything more likely to ruin my upcoming marriage.

Not a fan of beta! :grin:

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I dunno, I rarely if ever had anything majorly go wrong in a beta... Stuff already set kept working, usually it was the new features having issues.

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If we are going to speculate, perhaps the reason this is taking so long is because the release is larger than usual, and/or this is vacation time...

Or maybe it's taking a while because the next release really matters. :slightly_smiling_face:

I should not have said that... :hushed: :wink:

Or, (throwing @JasonJoel a bone) maybe they are finally following up on long range plans. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just can't help myself... :grin:


I heard (because I just thought it in my head) that the next version is going to be 3.0.1. YMMV.

You are even factoring a fix into your dream version.... How pragmatic of you... :slight_smile:

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It's really, really quiet, they must be working on something big...

Yeah, not even a beta for 2+ months. Here's my wishlist for 3.x or 2.4.x:

  • Memory Fix (Yes, this has become critical for me. Rebooting everything 3 days sucks)
  • Better memory leak tools to detect where the problem is (I have a theme here)
  • HomePod TTS. Then I can jettison Echo Speaks which my gut says is a huge resource drain but too hard to live without

And, yes, I know that splitting the load between two hubs would likely help. But, every time I look at the migration process I am overwhelmed with all the problems I can see happening. because I use Amazon Echo Skill, Bond, Echo Speaks, Ecobee, HomeBridge, IFTTT, Kasa and LifX. Yes, it's a lot of LAN and Cloud based add ons. But they worked just dandy for years until recently.

Basically, I'm hoping the next release is a silver bullet. Because lately I've been pining away for SmartThings and I NEVER thought I'd say that. OK that went too far. Strike the last line about ST.
Help me HE developers, you're my only hope.

You need to find your cause first. It's unlikely anything will be fixed if they can't target it

Bryan talked about it. Hopefully by the end of the year.

Better memory leak tools to detect where the problem is

Hence the reason for bullet two.

You cannot really tell what is taking memory and not giving it back from the two things I can think of to look at:

I guess I'm going to completely eliminate Echo Speaks. I've been working on refactoring everything that uses it to be a "routine" in Alexa. It's not that easy though as things that are really clever like that I can code in RM are just not possible in Alexa Routines. And you can't use variables and device values in phrases. The things that made HE seem magical just doesn't work anymore. Yes, I'm whining. But, they really don't give you the tools to know WHY the free memory just goes down, down, down until poof. It's not backups like others claim. I can't find a correlation there.

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And I have been trying. Been reducing logging. Eliminated rules altogether. Rewriting rules to make them simpler. Removing devices that are not currently in use. It's all shooting in the dark.

It's not very hard really. Take a Local Backup of your hub. Then go through all the Apps you mentioned and disable them. On the second hub, restore the backup and disable everything that is still enabled on the first.

That will get probably 80%. Some clicky is needed to "renew" connections in some cases. But as a quick test to see if there are advantages, it's hard to get simpler/easier. You could probably do the whole proof-of-concept in an hour. The next step is to use HubMesh to mirror the devices back to the original hub. Here's where Swap App Devices is golden. :smiley:

If you wish to delve deeper into that, start a new Topic :smiley:

I think it was more a case of the cart before the horse in the ordering of @wiegout 's list, you are right you need to find the cause, but for that some more visibility of what's happening would help.

And I get you are offering an option to troubleshoot the situation @csteele , which is great, but I think it would not be something everyone could do, i.e. not everyone has a second hub. More options to dig into what's happening would always be welcomed through built-in features.


Exactly. Thanks. Need visibility that’s not currently available.

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