Quick questions about easy dashboard (icon and LAN link)

Loving the easy dashboards!
I just can't figure out

  1. How to change the icon of devices?
    Icons seem to be set based on type of device. I have a zigbee plug that is connected to a fan and I want the icon to represent a fan instead of an outlet.

  2. How do I generate local LAN links? It seems cloud link is the default only option now (?)

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This is currently not possible

If you follow the Dashboard name link, it will take you to the local end point. If you click on the cloud icon will give you the cloud end point

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Thanks for the tips

However, for the local endpoint, i followed the link as you described and it took me to a local endpoint like


This is not the same as the previous LAN link because this one requires the user to LOG IN which is a problem for me. I need a local link with the access key embedded already and allow use w/o login.


Considering that it's been less than a day and you asked over a weekend, I might wait until Monday to expect a staff response. They'd probably be the ones to know. But off hand, I don't see a way to do exactly that with a local URL.

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