Quick Question with Using Hubitat and Smart things

I am in the processes of moving everything over to Hubitat, My only delay is with my Schelage Lock, since I used this often and Ive seen issues with a direct integration right now. I was wondering if I use hub link could I control the lock from my Hubitat Dashboard or will it only send events? If so where can I find some documentation on how to link them and than add it as a device in Hubitat.

Thanks for all the help.

Welcome to Hubitat.

I recently moved all my devices from Smartthings to Hubitat as well, including a Schlage Lock. I too saw the posts about issues with the lock on Hubitat and was worried about having issues.

I used HubConnect to be able to control my ST lock through HE while I took my time recreating all my ST automations in HE. So you can definitely use HubConnect.

I'm pleased to say that my Schlage BE469 (firmware 6.8) did not have any issue pairing to HE. Other than needing to relocate my hub to be essentially touching the lock during the pairing process. The lock has worked well since other than dropping off the network once.

Hope that helps

I too would recommend HubConnect, I haven't used Hublink, but HubConnect works great and yes you can control the lock on a remote hub from your dashboard on the coordinator hub.

If one day you would prefer to move these locks over to HE and to significantly minimize/eliminate the issues with the Schlage locks I highly recommend following this thread. Adding Aeotec Range Extenders has made my BE469 and FE599 locks reliable

What issues have you seen with Schlage lock integration? I have two Schlage and one Yale and have no issues with them, other than I had to have the hub almost next to them to join them but that is due to the radio signal strength being reduced while in the join menu to prevent it from being hijacked before the secure connection is established. Like the others have said you could use HubConnect to do two-way control of devices between systems. I currently only have two Neato Vacuums left on SmartThings so I'm using Hub Link instead which is a one-way link between the hubs.

Thanks for the help, I got hub connect up and running and its working flawlessly.

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