Quick Question RE: Virtual Motion Sensor

How do I set the "motion" of a virtual motion sensor thru RM4?
I can do it in the device's page, how to do it with RM4 escapes me.

RM4, the next step. Thank you Bruce!

Use a custom action and then capability Actuator and then pick the action active or inactive. You can also set them through the Maker API.

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The built in virtual motion sensor does not seem to expose "actuator"
I did find the run custom action, used capability "motion" Custom command is "active" with a string "active" parameter. (sorry , I have been banging away on this for the few minuets since I posted the initial question) Now the question becomes, how do I hold it active for 2 min. and then turn it off if it has not been triggered again. Scenario is that the motion sensors have to short an active time span for me to react to what ones are going off. (watching the dog walk across the yard) Hold the dashboard tiles long enough to determine a flight path!

you don't have to pass any parameter with the command active. Active is enough to get it active.

I don't understand your question. Are you using RM to set a Virtual Motion Sensor active based on another motion sensor? If so, what kind? I don't understand what you are trying to use the dashboard to determine.

I think your use case is clear--your "real" sensors go inactive too quickly, and you want to visually monitor a virtual sensor (with a longer delay). If you're using a Z-Wave motion sensor, many have a parameter you can configure that determines how long they wait before going inactive, so I'd look into that first. Most Zigbee sensors don't have this. If you're not sure, ask!

If you do need to resort to a virtual sensor to fake this delay, a rule like the following should work:


 * Real Sensor motion *changes*


IF Real Sensor motion is active
    (run command to set virtual sensor active)
    Cancel Delayed Actions
    (run command to set virtual sensor inactive) <-- delay 0:02:00 (cancel)

In the ELSE, that's a delay with your specified time plus the "Cancel?" flag selected on that action. This will make it wait that amount of time before going inactive, but also cancel the running of that action (via the "Cancel Delayed Actions" action above) if it becomes active again during that time.

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That is so close to what I had tried, but yours worked. Turns out that the cancel/delay was not running the actions after the delay. Thank you for your help!

I created a Virtual Motion Sensor and a rule that when the Konke Motion Sensor goes active, the rule then set the Virtual Motion Sensor as Active (using the Custom Action), then delays 16 sec, then sets the Virtual Motion Sensor as Inactive. I lose the ability to have long duration motion, but at least have a almost normal motion sensor, triggered by the Konke.