Quick Question About Notifications and 2 hubs in 2 locations

I'm fairly new to the Hubitat community.

I have 2 C-7s for 2 separate locations.

I understand that geofencing for 2 locations is a future feature, and the apps are a work in progress.

I have noticed that I only seem to get notifications for the currently selected hub, in the app. For example if I'm in location 1 and my app is set to use the hub in location 1, but an event (say a HSM alert) in location 2 generates a notification, I do not receive that notification at all.

Is this a known issue? Do I have something configured wrong? Should I submit a bug about it?

My searches here did not yield much on the subject. So I am not sure.

Thanks in advance!

use Pushover, it's more reliable than the built in notifier... And it's natively supported

I was hoping to avoid creating more external accounts.

The other thing you could do is use something like HubConnect to share the mobile app device (the device you use for notifications) to the other hub over the cloud. The built-in Hub Mesh feature won't work for this since they'd need to be on the same network (well, I guess it might if you have a site-to-site VPN), but the idea is similar otherwise.

Well like the built in notifier it's oauth based. You can have multiple devices and you can actually change the notify sound played based on the notification on the hub. The cost is 4 bux forever so it's worth it. I have yet to have it misfire from either one of my hubs. I even have it play a specific sound that my german shepherd reacts to when my kid's door opens. Also like I said, it['s supported natively

I thank you all for the workarounds.

I guess my question is more, "is it a bug?" and should I submit a bug or feature request against the mobile app functionality to help improve it. Or is this how the app was intended to be used?

I assume this is is expected behavior: the app asks you to "associate" the app with the Mobile App Device (the driver name; the device name can be whatever you choose but I think defaults to your device's name as provided in its OS's settings area). The geopresence, Dashboard access, and notification services that are provided are then tied to the Hubitat device on that hub. No association, no notifications--among other differences.

Potentially a worthwhile enhancement request. :slight_smile: But, as you know, there are certainly workarounds.

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You could set something like this up on both hubs.. and email your phone's email to txt address..


Thanks. I think ill raise an issue then.

This is cool, and could be the better workaround.

Just use Pushover or Twilio - both are built into the Hub as native integrations, and both will allow you to generate notifications from multiple hubs and send to one or more phones. I have used Pushover for 3.5 years and it 'just works' without fail.

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Yeah as I mentioned above i am not a huge fan of getting a third-party service involved, setting up another account etc.

I switched from ST where this was the default mode of operation, without any special configurations, and feel like this is useful as being natively supported, tho i do love the fact that there are all these options available if you wanted more functionality.

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