Quick geofencing question

Is there a way in smart lighting that turns on my flood lights when i first enter the geofence, but then turns them off after like 30 minutes (when Im in the house). Just turning them on and keeping them on isnt my goal.



In RM look for presence sensor

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In simple lighting you would need to create two rules to accomplish this.

Like sgrayban suggested, you can set it up in Rule Machine in one rule. Depending on what that light is used for. There are a ton of ways to accomplish this. Here are my thoughts on it.

(presence sensor) is changed

[name of presence device] is present
turn on light
else if
[presence device] is present
light is on
turn off - delay 30 minutes
end if

if you want to be able to cancel that power off for any reason, then you will need to write the cancel delayed actions into your rule before you turn light on.

Looking at it, I don't think that's the most efficient way, but maybe this will give you a start.