Questions: EufyCam, HOOBS, Hubitat

I am putting together a system with a EufyCam2 integrated into HomeKit bridged to Hubitat Elevation via HOOBS on a Pi. The only option for integration supported by the EufyCam2 is HomeKit thus the need for HOOBS.

When motion is detected I will fire off chimes on three different AeoTec Siren 6s, one chime at each of two doors and one inside. I want to trigger different chime sounds depending on which camera is triggered. I want to add a panic button to activate a siren sound rather than a chime sound. I want to turn on (plugged in) lamps in the house when motion is triggered. I want to turn on lights in the back screened porch if the back camera triggers; these lights are currently controlled by a typical wall switch so those lights should either come on via the switch or an automation. I want to disable that automation when I choose to be in the porch at night. Can all this be done via Hubitat?

I will have the EufyCam2 Homebase 2, the Hubitat Elevation, the HOOBS Pi, and the cable modem all plugged into the same Ethernet switch (no Wi-Fi)

It seems I should use Apple Home as little as possible for this design and use Hubitat connected devices rather than Apple HomeKit devices. Correct?

I can manage the EufyCam2 with the EufyCam iPhone app. Can I manage everything else with Hubitat?

What could I do on Hubitat with respect to the EufyCam2 other than connect its motion sensor triggers into Hubitat? Could I see the camera’s motion detected snapshots? Could I see live video? Could I carry on two way audio?

Is there any reason I need a HomeKit Hub? I don’t need remote access to the HomeKit part of the system and I don’t think I need to do any HomeKit automations so am guessing I don’t need a HomeKit hub.

Other than for configuration or status checking is there any reason I need Wi-Fi? I typically do not have Wi-Fi running at night. Do all the Hubitat devices connect with a non-Wi-Fi wireless technology without relying on Wi-Fi access to my router?

What wireless technology is used for Hubitat connected devices, i.e. the Aeotec Siren 6, and the yet to be selected/procured parts: panic button, 110v outlet plugins, wall switch for the back porch lights?

Is there a device to manage Hubitat other than using an app on my iPhone, e.g. my Mac, or even a Hubitat specific control panel?

First, I am not 100% whether or not what you're trying to accomplish is possible, as I have zero experience with the EufyCam2 platform. However, in order for HomeKit to send any data to Hubitat, you will need a HomeKit hub (AppleTV4 or iPad) to run HomeKit Automations. The reason is that while HOOBS/HomeBridge is a great tool for integrating Hubitat (and manay other systems) into the HomeKit ecosystem, it does not bring HomeKit devices into the Hubitat ecosystem. Thus, you will need to use HomeKit Automations to accomplish this. For example, you may want to create a HomeKit Automation that is triggered by the motion detection of a HomeKit device (possibly your Euf2Cam). This HomeKit Automation would then 'activate' a Hubitat Virtual Motion Sensor that has been shared to HomeKit via HOOBS/HomeBridge. Once Hubitat sees that virtual motion sensor go 'active', it can then trigger whatever Hubitat actions you desire.

Hubitat can monitor/control devices in your home via three technologies.

  1. Zigbee mesh networking based devices (no WiFi)
  2. Z-Wave Plus mesh networking based devices (no WiFi)
  3. LAN-Connected devices (some of these are hardwired Ethernet, while others are WiFi-based)

So, if you choose these devices wisely, they will not require WiFi.

Hubitat is administered via a web browser on any device (Windows , Linux, MAC OS, Android, iOS, etc...)

Hubitat also supports user-created web-based 'Dashboards' that allow interactions with the system in a controlled manner.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your project and please let us all know how it goes.

Thank you. That was very helpful.

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