Questions before I purchase HE


Background: I participated in the Oomi indiegogo campaign and stupidly bought lots of oomi products like the nano dimmer, bulb, multi sensor, power plugs, door /window sensors, water sensor, siren etc along with the oomi touch (controller) and cube (hub). These things were delivered and they sort of work with the cube/touch but controls and automation are very limited as well as third party z-wave support.

The company (Fantem) has since abandoned support and no longer even respond to email. Hence I am looking at alternative solutions such as HE, Smartthings and OpenHAB. I also have a z-stick and a pi but OpenHAB is quite challenging for me.

I have searched the this forum and found bits and pieces of information that Oomi devices may be supported by HE as they are Aeotec rebranded products except with NFC. I suppose before I jump into getting a HE, I was hoping if others can shed some light especially those that a few of the oomi devices other than power plugs or bulb. Also I presume the oomi cube and touch would not work with HE as a secondary controller.

Thanks all.

Hi @Clarence. I also have the Oomi system and have switched almost all my devices over to Hubitat.
I have updated my Oomi to Version 3 but they STILL don't have sunrise/sunset!
I have the Oomi (Aeotec) plugs, bulbs, door/window sensors, motion sensors, water sensors, led strip and nano dimmers. I had zero problems removing them from Oomi and adding them to Hubitat.


Hi @Wounded, thanks confirming that oomi is compatible with HE. I have made the plunge and ordered the HE so now I will wait patiently for it to be shipped to Australia.

Can I ask how did you update Oomi to V3 as my system is telling me that v2.012.2 is the latest...


Hi @Clarence. You have to download the app to your phone first from
Then it will tell you that your gateway needs to be updated.
My Touch stayed at Version 2 but the Cube updates fine.
It looks that they are concentrating on their home market first. Also, their updates are extremely slow - less than one per month.
I have only tried one third-party Zwave device. I have some iBlinds and added one to Oomi temporarily. It worked fine - showed up as a dimmer.

I really like the system and their new hierarchy gateways sound interesting but with no Zigbee, no sunrise/sunset and only simple Trigger/Conditions/Actions rules, Hubitat is waaaay more flexible.

Cheers @Wounded. I think I tried that before(on my second cube) but my cube then went red. Fortunately I managed to reset it. I might give it another go, Fantem's website seems to suggest home market focus. However, it's sad that they have now ignored the people who backed them..

Did you try to use Oomi as secondary network/controller to Hubitat?

Re iblinds, I noticed that when I was looking for zwave solution for blinds but I backed Movez but they are extremely late! I am hopeful that they will honour the commitments though..


Yeah, @Clarence. I would love to know what happened to them.
No, I haven't tried using the Cube as a secondary controller - I don't think that would be possible.
I have also backed Movez, hopefully I get it before I retire :grinning:
The iBlinds are for tilting while the Movez is for raising/lowering via the cord.

Hi @Wounded, maybe they ran out of money (or tried to reduce cost) and got rid of the US based team... I don't think globally they did well..

Here's hoping that Movez will be shipping by mid next year :pray:

I am looking forward to getting my Hubitat and getting it working with my devices...Hopefully it's a painless exercise. :sweat_smile:

Hi @Clarence. Just a pointer for when you get your Hubitat and start adding the Oomi devices.
Their parameters are all locked. You will have to load the Basic Z-Wave driver and change parameter 252 to 0. Don't worry about understanding this right now, it will make more sense when you start to explore Hubitat.

@Wounded, Hey thanks for the tip! Does it mean load the basic z-wave driver, change the parameter and then use the aeotec drivers?



Yes. That's exactly what it means. You'll also have to press the configure button after switching to the Aeotec driver.

Thank you @aaiyar. Just waiting for my HE to arrive :slight_smile:

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The actual name of the driver is Basic Z-Wave tool.
You can use to get the current value of any parameter, the current value of all parameters and to set any parameter.

Hi @aaiyar and @Wounded, I have tried to add the oomi multisensor and then used the basic z-wave tool, changed parameter 252's value to 0. All of that worked ok. Then i changed to Aeotec Multisensor6 driver and clicked configure but nothing happened? What am I supposed to see?

Additionally, I did the same thing with Oomi door/windor sensor and it was detected as Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor, I then changed the driver to Basic Z-Wave, changed the parameter 252's value to 0. Then I changed back Aeotec Door/Window 7 and pressed configure and now I see "contact:open and Tamper:clear" is that correct setup?

Apologies as I am new with this and will prob have lots of questions. Hope you guys don't mind. :exploding_head:

Hi @Clarence. Don't worry about asking questions! We're happy to help.
I don't use the built in Aeon Multisensor6 driver anymore. I don't remember why I switched but I now use cSteele's driver. GitHub - HubitatCommunity/AeotecMultiSensor6: Aeon Labs or Aeotec's MultiSensor6 Hubitat Driver
It shows these attributes and lots of preferences that you can modify
For the door/windows sensor I use the built-in Aeon Recessed Door Sensor driver. It shows battery level and contact status.

@Wounded thanks for the tip on the drivers. I will give it a shot when I get home tonight. What do you use for Oomi water sensor, led strip, siren and nano dimmer?

For Led bulbs I assume the Aeotec led bulb driver would work well?


@Wounded, For the Oomi door /window sensor, when I tried using the generic zwave contact sensor or the Aeotec door/window sensor 7 driver last night, the state always remain as open and would not change regardless if I open and close the door.

Do you know what could have gone wrong there? Cheers

Hi @Clarence. Here are the drivers I use:
Oomi water sensor: Generic Z-Wave Water Sensor [Hubitat supplied]
Oomi led strip: Aeon Labs LED Strip (Improved) [user driver]
Oomi Nano dimmer: Aeotec Nano Dimmer [Hubitat supplied]
Oomi bulbs: Aeon LED Bulb [Hubitat supplied]

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@Clarence. I use the Aeon Recessed Door Sensor [user driver] for the door/window sensors.
Here: Aeon Recessed Door sensor

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Hi @wounded thanks. I have managed to add the door sensor, bulb, multisensory, plug, hue, siren and darksky weather. All good.

I will try tonight with nano dimmer, led strip and water sensor. Cheers