Question to Shelly and electrical experts

Hi to all,

My actual lightening system in my living room is build of two light points on the ceiling that can both be piloted from two different access points. The schema is similar to this one:

Now I want to pilot them with a shelly 2.5. My first thought was that I need two of them but I didn't really see how to cable them. Can it be done and if so, is the way I imagined here the right one ? (Using double push buttons)

I don't use Shelly - my modules are Fibaro but the principle is the same and I had to do similar.

Your existing 2 way lighting setup uses line to the common of 1 switch, a pair of connections (strappers we used to call them in the UK) between the L1 & L2 connections of the two switches, and the common of the second switch is the switched line to the lamp. That's standard 2 way operation so that whichever of the two switches is used the lamp is toggled on/off.

Now, on my Fibaro modules I could have left the switches that way so long as I used standard toggle switches. However I wanted the dimmer operation on the switch and so used 1 way retractive (momentary) switches with the driver set accordingly. In that case you just connect the two switches in parallel exactly as you've shown so that each is push to make.

You need something like this for your 2 ways switch to work. Sorry for the poor editing. I blame my phone :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure what a Europe push button is compare to North America switch. The drawing below is for North America switches.

The second diagram is fine with momentary switches. Otherwise leaving the standard 2 way toggle switches you'll need two modules (or would need to run a cable)

Thank you for your valued replies. I may not have been clear enough. I actually have toggle switches, but I want to replace them with push buttons that come back to the initial state. I saw that the shelly can be set up up work with this "impulse" to switch lamp state and that is what I wanted to do in my drawing.

Sorry, but I don't have 6 wires running from one switch to the other. The first schema uses 4 wires, but in my real installation I see only 3 and it could be based on this system:

My scheme also just uses 3 wires ...

Great! Thank you.

Hello to all,

Another question. Could I hard wire my lamps, so that they are always under power and just use the shelly as a button to send a signal to the hub ? The same schema as drawn but leaving "01" and "02" free, ■■■ they are hardwired to the lamp. In the hub a push on the switch would then just turn the bulbs off or on and not the power.

In my eyes, this should work but as the power points on the ceiling are always under power even when the lamps are off, I'm not sure if this is safe or allowed...

And still another... Can the Shelly detect short pushes, long pushes and double pushes on momentary buttons ?

When you use the system driver you can choose, pushed, held, released.

I use it for held, it works well, in the shelly app I need to mark "Don't activate if..." otherwise when pushed and held both action will be carried out

Yes, thank you. Meanwhile I use it exactly that way.

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