Question: Setting up a new Hubitat

Can the initial setup of a Hubitat be done via a mobile hotspot?

Or, does it first need to be done via ethernet and then switched to wifi?

The reason that I ask is because when the Hubitat is first turned on, it doesn't show a network called "MyNewHubitat", so how can I attach to it?


According to the Setup Documentation C8 and C8 Pro can do setup via WiFi (was one of things I tested during Beta)

Connecting via Wi-Fi

If a wired network port is not available or another location works better for your hub, Wi-Fi connectivity is also available during setup and regular use (model C-8 only). Instead of steps 2 and 3 above:

1. Connect the USB-C cable (but no network cable) and wait for thhe hub to finish booting.
2. The hub will broadcast a network called MyNewHubitat when no wired connection is present. Connect to this network using your computer or mobile device, follow the prompts in the "captive portal" to configure Wi-Fi on the hub.
3. Switch back to your regular Wi-Fi network on your device (if it does not do so automatically) and proceed with setting up and registering the hub as below.

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Yep via WiFi, that is how I did mine just 3 days ago

It was a bit quirky however... didn't complete the first time, reset and tried again, failed the FW update twice with factory resets in between

Figured it was b/c I was using the WiFi for my RV (where it will be installed) and while the signal strength is not great, I was able to connect to it with my phone and laptop, HE apparently didn't like it. Once I set it up using my house WiFi, things went smoothly from there

Good luck

I noticed that the Hubitat broadcasts its wifi ssid (MyNewHubitat), for approximately 7 seconds during its bootup.
If you miss those 7 seconds, then you have to start all over again.

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Its not supposed to do that, it is supposed to stay on. One of my hubs did that and the other works fine. My one hub even if you do get connected to it (when I tested this) it will drop it shortly after so there is no time to complete the setup. That same hub will no longer find any Wifi SSIDs so I think the Wifi in it is toast.

Were you able to connect to it and get it configured via that SSID or does it drop the connection?

It kept on dropping the connection.
So, I set it up via ethernet. No problem.

However, I do plan on testing it out via using it with my phone as a mobile hotspot.
I hope it will work.

P.S. I'd like to thank you for the work that you did on SmartStart - I intend on making use of it shortly (with this new Hub).

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If you plan to use the Wifi on that hub I would do a warranty claim. In my experience that was the early warning sign of defective Wifi, as that hub will no longer find or connect to any Wifi.

Maybe HE can look at the engineering logs and determine otherwise though.