Question - Running a Rule from a Rule

For a specific device - Furnace/Boiler I want ONLY one way to Turn it on or OFF so want to force all Rules to go through this Rule.

A Rule that:-


A. Checks to see if Device is OFF



Turn on Device


When calling this Rule from another Rule it shows Run Actions: Boiler Turn ON.

Is it ONLY running the Rule Actions or is actually processing the Conditional Statements?

I'll create a knock upland test it

OK figured it out

If you use Action Conditions these are IGNORED when Run Actions is requested.

IF you want Conditions to be taken into account you have to explicitly Use an ACTION of Simple Conditional Action or IF Then.

I am still finding the difference between Manage or Create Conditions is handled differently than Adding an Action Conditional Actions.

They are treated differently especially as Conditions Added through Conditional Actions are processed in Run Actions but Conditional Actions added through Manage or Create Conditions are NOT applied in Run Actions.

All the more confusing because Conditions added through Conditional Actions are added to the Manage or Create Conditions list.

Now it is highly likely that I am cracking up - but is this deliberate or a bug?