Question replacing Inovelli Red Dimmer with Red 2-1 and associate with Source Red Dimmer

I have an Inovelli Red Dimmer ("RD") that died. It is connected to the load of a light, the line and a neutral and is the "target" of another RD, (the "source") to make a virtual 3 way. The Source RD is connected to just the line and neutral. (Of course, both are also connected to the ground),

I am replacing the target/load RD with a new 2-1 RD.

Here are my questions:

  1. Should I exclude and remove the dead RD before I add the new 2-1? I was thinking of leaving the dead one in Hubitat to make it easier for me to replace it in whatever rules are currently using it. But, I'm not sure if that could cause any ghost problems.

  2. The Inovelli online instructions only talk about doing an association on groups 2 and 4.

    a) However, I currently have associations on groups 2, 3, and 4 going both ways for those 2 RDs. Per my notes I also needed the group 3 association to keep the LEDs in sync. Is that still correct?

    b) I also have Param 12 set to 15 for the target (the one connected to the load) and Param 12 set to 11 for the source (the one only going to the line and neutral). Neither the Inovelli manual that came with the 2-1 nor the online documentation discuss setting Param 12 at all to do an association. Am I correct that is still the correct way to set those?

  3. I understand about setting Param 158 to dimmer, but the Inovelli docs discuss setting Param 22 for the switch type. The choices are:

Single-Pole, Multi-Way Aux, Multi-Way Dumb, or Full Sine Mode.

I'm not sure which is the correct for the 2-1 in this situation (again, it is the target/load RD).

  1. Under devices I see I have a 2nd device with the same name as the one I'm replacing, (i.e. Front Hall Lights) but it shows it is an "Alexa Dimmer" and is a Virtual Device. I don't know what an Alexa Dimmer is beyond finding a post that it was once the artifact name given when a group was created, which I didn't do, or how I created it and I'm not able to track it down to what created it. It said its parent was from a rule I set up using a Hue motion sensor to turn on a smart plug that turns the front hall lights on and off, but I don't see anything in that rule doing anything with Alexa.

Can you please tell me what an Alexa dimmer is, what it does, and how to find out what created it?


Do yourself a favor and remove the dead device, if it isn't creating problems already, it likely will. To hold its spot create a virtual device using the inovelli device driver, then use swap devices to swap the virtual device/dead device to hold place in the rules. You may have difficulty excluding the dead device, if it's actually dead and not responding to z-wave commands.

for 2&3 I'd suggest posting on Inovelli's forum

#4 I'd delete it after making sure to remove it from any rules. If you use Alexa you can always recreate it.


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