Question/ Poll - Mains Power Detection Device

So i know many people want a device to detect if the main power to an outlet/home looses power, but curently the only options are DIY.

So my question is this, If i was to make such a device (using a relay and modified contact sensor and wire it up at home so its a DIY but i do the DIY) and provide a custom driver for said device. Would you be interested in purchasing one from me?

If so just like the post, and then comment what you feel would be a reasonable price (minus shipping) for the device, just want to get an idea of interest and pricing before i go and buy a bunch of supplies.

I already got stuff ordered to upgrade what i made years ago and make a few for friends. But wanted to offer it here if people would want. (Not trying to get rich, just cost of parts and my time)

Relay, power supply, contact sensor, project box, soldering and of course time.

Actually the Ring Alarm Range Extender and Zooz ZAC38 (both z-wave devices) can do this. I think the HomeSeer HS-FS100-L can as well.


A Zooz Titan with optional battery backup also works great, and I've heard the Ecolink Chime also can do it.




I am currently using this. It is not UPS fast (My UPS also alerts me when the power blips and is a lot more sensitive) but it knows when the power is out VS a quick blip.

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