Question On rule Operation

I use the following rule to notify me if we leave certain doors open. It works fine, but curious about something. Here is the rule.

Here's the scenario that happened.
Utility door opened.
Utility door got left open.
Overhead door opened.
Overhead door closed.
10 minutes later I got 3 notifications about door left open. Approx 1 minute apart.

So I'm assuming that since the rule was triggered 3 times that there were 3 delays started since one of the doors was still open and each one times out on it's own and executes the actions???

I also noticed these errors in the log.

Just mainly curious if my assumption as to what happened is correct.

You have the problem of multiple simultaneous instances of the one rule. That's the reason for the errors. The way around those is to separate your triggers into separate rules.

So yes, since your IF-THEN was true 3 times, you got 3 notifications. That's also an artifact of having multiple triggers.

Remember two things: Rules are free, and KISS. You could make this for one door, and then clone that rule three times, editing each clone for each other door.

I had not run into that exact scenario before, it was always just one door so it worked fine. Thanks for confirming my thoughts as to what happened. Also discovered that it told me the wrong door was open as the last device to trigger was what got notified. And that also needs to be fixed.

Looks like about the only good solution is as you say, make multiple rules.