Question: Group or App?

Question: I have a number of simple switches which I want to combine into one "virtual" switch for voice control purposes. Should I combine them in a simple app with a virtual switch, or should I use the "group" capability?
Unfortunately, the group capability, always assumes that the switches that are going to be combined and handled at once, are a zigbee group dimmer. That means that the tile for it in a dashboard is always incorrect shape/form.
Any suggestions? Group or App?

If they are just simple switches, I would just create a virtual switch to expose to your voice control and then have a rule in RM to turn off/on the child switches based upon the virtual switch state.

Can I ask what you mean when you say "simple switches"? Are you trying to do something if all the switches are on or if any of the switches are on? Seems like a perfect case for Rule Machine to handle.

Group will create the virtual device for you. You are correct that it is a "dimmer". However, it also is a switch. You can change the tile in the dashboard to be a switch instead of a dimmer, by simply selecting the switch template instead of a dimmer template.

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