Question from a newbie

Can you have a mix of ZWave and Zigbee devices connected at the same time?

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Thanks, I figured you could but I wanted to verify before buying additional devices.

Take a look at these two documents. Hwo you build out your mesh will have a direct effect on your overall experience, especially with zwave.


You can also add in Lutron clear connect and wifi :slight_smile: (lutron with the pro bridge and wifi as long as it's supported)

Can a device of one type controll a device of another type? For example a Zigbee wall switch turn on a Zwaze light through the use of the controller?

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Thank you

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You can connect to cloud services like Amazon Echo and some WiFi devices as well. There are also a ton of great community created drivers and apps out there for many things not directly supported by the Hubitat system itself.

Before you start to add devices, pay close attention to the docs that @brad5 shared above.

Do it right and you'll have tons of fun.

Do it wrong and you will be asking why you ever started down this path... :wink:

Seriously, some simple reading/planning will make things much better for you.

Enjoy and ask all the questions you want, tons of smart, helpful folks here, who clearly have WAY too much free time on their hands. :wink: