Question about Shelly devices

I have had a request from someone, and perhaps someone here can give me some advice.
Is it possible to setup a house with 20-50 Shelly devices (controlled by Hubitat)?
Will I overload the router? (a Asus AiMesh system)
Does anyone here run such a system? How many devices?
Do the Shelly devices fit easily into a switch box, or is it difficult to fit it in?
Anyone with experience on a lot of Shelly devices.
Thank you in advance.

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I'm using round about 50 Shelly (and other) WIFI devices.
My router (FRITZ!Box 7490) has no problem handling all this.
The Shelly devices can fit easily into a switch box - but of course it depends: Is your installation using flat, normal (ca. 60 mm), or deep in-wall sockets? Is the installed manual switch flat or thick?

=> Maybe you should look at the specifications of the Shelly devices to ensure that you have enough room.

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I have several Shelly modules and they work perfectly... with one caveat, specifically with the Dimmer2 module.

When connected directly to a momentary switch it does dim until the momentary switch is released. From Hubitat, the dimmer module accepts on, off, and dim to "x" level commands. It doesn't recognise start/stop dimming commands. This only becomes a problem if you intend to use the hold/release function on a scene switch or button to "dim until released."

My switches are all surface mounted & I needed deeper pattress boxes but compared with all the other modules I own, Shelly's are among the smallest.

Thanks to @ChrisPowys & @Jost for your responses.
Much appreciated.

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