Question about sensors and sirens


So this may be a kind of weird, mainly because I don't know how it happend or if it can be done with HE, but here goes. When I was using St, I had added a monoprice door/ window sensor to a side window. Whenever I would open that window, it would play a siren sound through my sonos speakers. I do not recall setting anything up to do that, it just did it.
I do not have a siren, and would like to have the sensors do the same thing with Hubitat (I now have 3 total , and need to add 6 more). I just recently finally got pushover to work with notifications. Can anyone explain how that works on ST, or if it is possible to do it on HE?.


In Rule Machine (Add the app if you haven't) you can have a rule that if the contact is open to send/play a message and you can choose your Sonos speakers under the music player option (if you have already added your Sonos devices) then you just type the message you want them to play, you can even choose the volume to make sure they are loud enough to hear no matter what level they were last listened at.