Question about Picos and Caséta

Hi @bravenel Bruce,

As w everyone, thanks for your RL app work, but more specifically, your intense commitment to us, answering a Ga-Zillion posts!!

Love your idea of bedside Pico s, for reading, then disabling motion triggered light. Not sure I have the capability like the folks above, but will try to implement.

As such, can a Pico perform dual function, such as remain connected as a Luton integrated Pro bridge Lutron Caserta light controller, & then also be "imported" to Hubitat to function ALSO as a hub device to change modes? Like your bedside RL integrated mode changer?

If not, I will buy another individual Pico.
Again.... sincere thank you for your extreme dedication.

A Pico cannot both do Caseta-only stuff within the Caseta app and also do other stuff via programming within HE -- it has to be one or the other.

The pico must be initially set up in the Caseta app either way, but to use it for other stuff in HE, you just must ensure it's a "blank slate" w/in the Caseta app -- IOW, make sure it's not programmed to control any lights within the Caseta app.

This all presumes you have a PRO-2 Caseta bridge.

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Morning @hydro311 Chris, & @bravenel Bruce.

Chris...thanks SO much for the instant response! What a great community.

Bummer... looks like another $20 Pico.:slight_smile:

Yup.. I do have the Pro bridge. I previously have "imported" to Hubital a spare Pico to control an outside Iight device.

Next task will be trying to figure & implement Bruce's good idea, once I get the new Pico.
Thanks, and have a great day!

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Good stuff -- there was a Black Friday deal on Picos someone posted here last week, but that deal may be expired. May be worth doing a quick Google search to see if any sales are still on anywhere.

Good luck!

Picos can perform both Caséta and Hubitat actions at the same time.

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It's certainly true you can use a Hubitat Pico to control any Caseta stuff (in addition to most non-Caseta stuff too) via programming in Hubitat, but I've never been able to use a Pico that was programmed via the Caseta app to control Caseta stuff to also then additionally do non-Caseta stuff w/in Hubitat.

But perhaps that is possible somehow - I've certainly been wrong before.

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It is possible but (IMO) it can get very confusing.

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@hydro311 and @bill.d .....

Guys... I want to thank you BOTH for your time, and thoughts!! Thanks.

Everyone is so busy; so just helping out a member is just awesome, and generous.

I will take your guidance & try to go forward.

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@Eric.C.Miller Hi Eric....

Well, again, thanks! Folks like yourself, just plain helping out, although u have a bunch of other things that need doing...

I certainly do NOT have the knowledge & proficiency, such as the myriad of those that have posted, and have been constantly asking @bravenel Bruce...

But.. I'm trying... thanks!

Here are a couple of examples to twist your brain:

Pico (assume 2-button to keep it simple) configured entirely in Lutron to turn on and off a Lutron Switch. If that Pico is also joined to Hubitat through the Lutron configuration, a press of that (on) button could also turn on (or off) a completely different circuit through configuration of Hubitat rules.

Also, as far as I know, Lutron hub doesn't do anything with double-taps. Pico could turn on a light via the native Lutron configuration, also be exposed to Hubitat where it might only act on a double-tap.

If you keep it all straight it's really cool but it's really easy to forget about unintended actions and get really confused.

The key is that the Pico (and the Lutron hub) send the telnet message about the Pico button press (to the Hubitat hub) regardless of whether the Lutron hub did something about it (or not).

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Morning @Eric.C.Miller,

Yup... that is something complex for me to think about, but I will.

It is amazing what the Hubitat can do, and the capabilities keep growing.
Thanks again Eric for your time!

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