Question about Nexia NX1000 Button Controller

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Nope! The Button Controller fix does not solve the problem with the Nexia (now Trane) NX1000. The NX1000 Button Controller is a rebranded Evolve LCD1, The controller supports a two line display and will automatically wrap to a two-line display (and smaller font) after one line is entered. The number of characters allowed in a line depends on their case. The spec sheet stipulates that a CR character can be imbedded in the text line where you want it to wrap if you want to split the line before reaching the last character. The native Trane (Nexia) App does this just fine. The Hubitat Button Controller App still does not. It should!

I don’t quite think I’m following.

You are expecting the button labels on the device to wrap to two lines with smaller font?

That doesn’t sound like something that would happen in the Hubitat button controller app.

Wouldn’t this be configured on the Hubitat device’s settings page?

The Nexia App does it just fine so why not the HE App?

I don’t have this device so I’m guessing a bit here. But I think it’s possible you’re misunderstanding how this would be done with Hubitat.

Ignore the Hubitat button controller app for a moment.

Do you know how to navigate to the device menu in the Hubitat UI, and then to this button device’s settings page?

Yes, I know how to use the HE App, I've been using it for over a year. It does not wrap! I even tried to imbed carriage return and line feed characters in the string. It works ok as far as it goes, but it is still not as good as the native Nexia App. I know because I used the Nexia App for years before I upgraded to HE.

Sorry if this is coming off as patronizing, as I really don’t mean to be.

But I’m not asking about “the HE app,” as you have described it twice now, because that term is too non-specific to understand how exactly you’re trying to do what you’re trying to do.

I am referring to a web page described here in the Hub documentation:

Have you used a PC or mobile web browser to get to a page like this one for your Nexia button device, or any other devices you have paired to Hubitat?

Every device paired to your hub has a “device details” page like the one described in the documentation article.

Hi @Bill15 ,

This is what @marktheknife is asking for.

This is found on the Device page for your NX1000.

I have a couple of questions as well.

  1. Can you share a copy of the "spec sheet"? The information I have on the NX1000 does not make any statement about entering a CR in the name to make two lines.

  2. How did you embed a CR in the string in the Habitat driver?


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Yup, that would be a screenshot of part of the device details page.

If I had this device, that’s where I would be looking if I wanted to change a setting like the label for a button.

The app called Button Controller has a different purpose. It ties a specific button push (or hold, or release) by one device (like the Nexia button controller, or a Lutron Pico) to an action or series of actions by other effector devices paired to the hub (like a light switch or fan).


I think this is more specifically the section you were asking for.

I put a red box around the command that sets the line text. As you can see from the State Variables, I tried using the common mnemonic of "\n", just to verify the string function does not respond to escaped characters. It showed up on my NX1000 as "Two\nLines".

It is conceivable a CR could be embedded in the string, but the driver would have to know what to look for to know a CR needs to be embedded and how to embed it for the user. It would also have to tell the NX1000 to use a smaller text size for this button line to allow room for the two lines to be displayed in the space of one standard line.

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