Question about motion lighting

I've had motion lighting working correctly for quite a while now, but recently decided to make things a little more complicated...

Originally the rooms had a motion sensor, and the motion lighting app successfully turned the lights on, and then back off 6 minutes after motion ceased.

I added a contact switch to the doors, and saw in the motion lighting app the ability to add a contact sensor as the ON trigger, in addition to the motion sensor. This works, and it's faster since I don't have to walk far enough into the room to trip the motion. The problem I'm having is that since doing this, the lights do not reliably turn off. I'm not certain but I think the issue is if I only open the door, but do not walk in to trip the motion. Since the motion never tripped, the motions never send a no-motion signal. Then the lights just stay on.

Shouldn't the motion lighting app handle this a little better? Am I doing this wrong, or is there a better way to do this?

With the Room Lighting app (which replaces Motion and Mode) you can add a means to turn off as a timer, as a backup to turn the lights off if the motion never trips.

Here is an example. This will turn off after no motion for 10 minutes or, as a backup if the light has been on for 30 minutes with no activations it will then turn off.


Perfect, thank you.

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I have been using that. I just found the old version much easier. Is it possible to download that app?

No, there is no way to install it once removed from your hub. However, if you restore a previous backup file that had it installed, it will reappear.


I do a lot of new installations. I will just get used to the new one. They should make it a little closer to the old one; my professional opinion.

LOL... your robotic vacuum and mine have the same name!


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