Question about Luton Pico Remotes


A little confused by Pico documentation.

Device wiki says 2,4,5 buttons work.

Amazon says this remote is 3 buttons.

Not sure why it's 3 buttons when I think I see 5.

Anyway will that one work? Also, will this one work?



I am using a bunch of the first one pictured. The 5 button. They work really well and all 5 buttons can be configured in Hubitat as long as you have a Lutron Pro hub. I have not used the lower 4 button Pico, but I am sure it would work. The driver allows you to select the number of buttons your Pico has. I just setup a 2 button pico yesterday to control outdoor floodlights. The audio Picos also work really well.


Cool. So, I need a hub. Can Hubitat make the do other things, like change modes?



All my modes are setup using the built in Hubitat Mode Manager app. All of my modes automatically switch at certain times, or sunrise / sunset, except my Good Night mode. I have my Good Night mode activate when I click the center button on any of my upstairs 5 button light control picos. As long as you have one of the Lutron Pro hubs (must be the Pro model) integrated with Hubitat, you can use Pico remotes to do just about anything.


They become fully functional for any purpose you might have in Hubitat. Can be configured as a 10 button pushed/held device, or a 5 button device with pushed/released. You can use them to raise/lower dimmer levels, and just about any other function you can dream up.

Lowes IRIS Transition

Be certain to focus on the PRO hub. Those are the only ones that work with Hubitat.

You "pair" the Pico to the Lutron PRO bridge and then Tell Hubitat there's a new Lutron device #x and it's got 2-5 buttons. That's it to make a Pico ready to use on Hubitat.

What can you do with it? It's just a bunch of buttons. You use an App like Button Controller or Advanced Button Controller to "tie" a button to an action. If you pick the 5 button Pico, you have 5 pushes, 5 long pushes. You can also use push + release (which is similar to long push) that can be used to simulate a dim function. THEN as if that wasn't enough, you can combine those on a single PIco!

Take that 5 button Pico.. you can have the top, middle and bottom buttons work as push and long push. That's 6... SIX.. buttons to assign to any action. Then the 2nd and 4th buttons (up and down arrows) to be push + release to remote control a dimmer or control blinds. All on ONE Pico.

Lutron as a peculiar way of naming/numbering their devices.. they have a long history to be compatible with and a unique view of automation. Hubitat numbers the buttons, top to bottom. Thus the top, middle (dot) and bottom buttons are 1, 3, and 5 while the up and down arrow buttons are 2 and 4.

For the 2nd pic, that Pico is a 4 button. 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the bottom.


This numbering is only used in the Lutron system. In Hubitat they are numbered 1 through 5 top to bottom.


This is Hubitat numbering:






Is it possible to configure hubitat such that the up and down buttons on the remote dim the last light that was turned on with the 3 other buttons of the remote?


These remotes are so useful - I wonder if Lutron will ever make any 'generic' style remotes to be used for things other than lighting.


I don't know.. I can tell you what I'd start with.. can't really tell where it would end....

First, I'd create a Virtual Dimmer to act as a variable to hold the value of the most recent button push.
Then I'd have Button Controller or Advanced Button Controller respond to those 3 buttons AND set a value into the Virtual dimmer.

So if you pushed button 3, the Button Controller would turn on lamp 3 and set "3" as the dim value in the virtual dimmer. Easy enough. :slight_smile:

Then, I'd create the 6 rules to respond. Each would be something like:
Condition: Button 2 Held, virtual dimmer (variable) = 1
Rule: Button Held AND virtual dimmer
Action True: Start Level Change UP (lamp #1)
Action False: Stop Level Change (lamp1)

3 Button 2 rules for UP, then the same 3 rules but Start Level Change Down and Button 4

Like I said, I have no clear idea that the 6 rules would work as I've conceptualized them.. but it's where I'd start an attempt.

Maybe Button Controller or Advanced Button Controller can simplify this. Kind of a fun brain exercise anyway.. thanks! :slight_smile:


In HE you can make these remotes work with devices other than lighting. Is that what you want?


Yes, but what I really want are remotes without light bulb icons on them.


There are Custom Pico's available... I think they are in the $73 range.


haha. I think I'll pay $17 on Amazon and live with the light icons rather than pay $73.


I did get the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro 2 and I love it! It's a great solution if you're looking for nice switches that fit in a decora spot on the wall.

The Hue remotes are ugly and don't fit. I've taken to just removing the wall switch wiring the light fixture hot all the time, and then put a pico in.

You can get the pico and the wall bracket for less than $25.


Doing the same here, I've replaced 5 Hue dimmers with Picos


Thanks for the detailed response! That's a little more complicated than I expected but it could work. I might get one of those Pico remotes a try.


So only a week into owning a Hubitat and new to HA. So in order to use a PJ2-3BRL-WH-L01R Lutron button I MUST have a Lutron Pro Hub - the Hubitat will not directly connect to the lutron button? Is it that Hubitat does not connect to the proprietary Clear Connect RF, but the lutron hub will ?