Question about logging

Ok so how do I turn on full rule logging ? Can't find any doc to tell me how to do it.

Dear staff you have a problem. You assume that a screenshot is shows how to do something. Sorry to say but your docs suck. Found what you were trying to show . took awhile to realize that it was in the app itself.

Everything about setting up or controlling an app lies within the app user interface. Actually, there is one exception, where on the Apps list it is possible to disable an app.

Here's an example of a disabled app:

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 10.18.35 AM

Maybe that is the problem you have too much clutter in the apps . I'm sure you know where everything is and how to get to it . But maybe you should try de cluttering the apps and also please update the docs. Some of the docs are from older version of the firmware and don't relate to the newer ones.
Please take this from some one that is not a stranger to home automation .

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One person's clutter is another person's feature. "De cluttering" would usually mean removing features. But there are lots of users for these features. RM is due for some UI improvements in an upcoming release (not in the about to be released 2.2.7, but later). We also plan to reorganize certain aspects of RM that should reduce "clutter".

We are constantly working on improving the documentation. There are times when the development work outpaces the documentation. Specific suggestions are welcome through our documentation wiki.


I think this is an unwanted side effect of increased capability. I have been using Microsoft Office since its debut. I recently tried LibreOffice. Its interface was very frustrating in the beginning. The docs would tell me the command (menu item) to use but finding it took another trip to google.

Tried to respond to your e-mail . But you sent it on a un reply mailing address.

I'm not aware that I sent you an email.

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Is this from you or an inposter.

Sorry to post this here but i have no other way to reach you. Will try using the suport option.

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I think he assumed you realized where that screen shot was since it had the update rule and run actions button in the pic and the fact you were asking how to turn on full logging for a rule. That logging drop down is in each and every rule.

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