Question about Liftmaster Gate & MyQ linked to HE

I am looking to purchase MyQ for my gate to manage a specific situation whereby I need to "lock" or prevent my gate from opening when the dogs are outside. I have added a virtual switch device to HE to track when the dogs are outside but since I don't have MyQ linked to HE at this time, I'm not sure if I can "tell" MyQ not to open the gate when the virtual "dog" switch is ON.

Additional info I forgot to include in my original post... we need to keep the MyQ powered on as it will also control our garage door and we have the ability to Open/Close the gate via remotes in our vehicles.

So my question is to those HE users with MyQ, is there a way to prevent or not allow the gate (or garage door) to open using a virtual switch? If not, do you have any alternative suggestions/solutions?

Your problem statement seems ambiguous. Are you trying to lock out operation of the gate from any trigger (Hubitat or remote openers) or just from Hubitat opening?

If it’s just to block Hubitat openings, then it’s rather straightforward to edit the MyQ driver to add a conditional on the state of your virtual switch.

@672southmain ... my goal is to "lock" the gate from any method of opening (wireless remote, MyQ, HE) if the virtual switch (Dogs outside) is ON. And if that's not possible, I would be fine with a HE rule which monitors the gate and if any method issues a Open command, the HE Rule counters it with a Close command.

Ok, then a physical dry-contact relay is needed in-line with the power to the motor itself, with the relay being controlled by Hubitat. The Zooz Zen16 could probably handle that, check current rating on your motor.

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agreed @672southmain is correct the Zooz 16 will work between the transformer and the gate arm.

We are having a driveway gate installed this fall/winter, and we have requested a dry contact on top of the RFID, S.O.S (for EMS, look into if stopping traffic to your house), and vehicle exit methods of gate control.

The biggest issue I foresee is having other gate control methods like above, the Zooz will have to wired such to allow those methods to still trigger the gate. Once we get ours installed I will have much more info to share. Not sure your time line. Our "gate guy" is great, but busy so waiting is the game here.

Another thought is you could have a 'smart' socket/outlet in front of the gate transformer. If you kill power to it nothing is opening the gate.

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@TechMedX @672southmain ... interesting idea (using the Zooz ZEN16). Our gate is on the side of the house (access to garage in back) so I'm fortunate in we don't have a need for the SOS. We close on the house next Friday and will need about 3 weeks for some upgrades, so I still about a month before we move in. Would appreciate hearing back once you get your setup operational.

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