Question about HSM monitoring door left open

HSM appears to be a great tool to monitor if a door was left open for x amount of minutes but I am curious on a couple of things.

  1. This causes an alert that needs to be cleared in HSM. The simple solution is to just close the door. Do I need to clear this alert? It's not always convenient to get into the hub and clear the alert.

  2. If the alert isn't cleared and the door is left open again later in the day will alerts be suppressed or will the monitor rule still be actioned and alert me after x minutes?

  3. I haven't tested this yet but do alerts come every x minutes if the alert isn't cleared? I currently have it set to alert me every 5 minutes if a door is left open. Just curious if I close it and not clear the alert if I will receive alerts every 5 minutes.

Sounds to me like HSM isn't the right app for what you want. Try using Rule Machine instead. With HSM, you will need to affirmatively clear the alert. This could be done automatically with an RM rule, but by that point why bother with HSM. Just use a rule that alerts you when a door is left open for x minutes.

Condition: Door open
Rule: Door open
Action for True: Delay with cancel x minutes, send alert
Action for False: (none)

If the door is closed before x minutes, the rule flips to false, and the alert after x minutes is cancelled.

Thanks @bravenel for the great advice. I will set this up in Rule Machine. I had a hunch rule machine would have been the better option when I set this up.

You can do it for multiple doors in one rule also. You can include in the alert message %device% to tell you which door is open.

Will this also do a reminder notification if it continues to stay open?

Yes I have it setup to remind me if a door is left open. A push notification is sent and an audio message out of my Sonos.

I am having trouble configuring this in Rule Machine. Can someone post their logic here for this?

Thank you!

@aaron2mala let me know if this screenshot helps you. These are the rules I used in rule machine.

Thank you. I see the delay is the key here. I was looking for a time limit somewhere, but this makes sense. Thank you.

Hi, How did you program the [Cancel] part? I can not see that option under delay in my RM.

I have configued my window open as follows:

Under Select Actions for True select Delay. There is an option for cancel on truth change.

Seems like the same thing can be done with the notifications app. Which is the better choice?

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Haven't played with that app. That's good to know. Who knows which one is better but I do know this one works.


This is what, I see...

So my rule was created using the older rule machine. If I create a newer rule I will see that same screen. Perhaps try the notification app?

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