Question about HDMI port on Hubitat Hub

I am considering the purchase of the Hubitat hub. I noticed the videos that there is a HDMI port. Nothing is mentioned in any of the documentation can find online.

Is this used at this point or possibly in a future firmware update ?


Thanks. Was kinda hoping that it would plug into the TV for me to see the portal without using a computer to see it.


Next hub will be the same spec, but will not have the ports to avoid this confusion and make it clear what the hub's role is.

Does the port display anything? I have never tried plugging anything into it.

To me that makes it clear. It is not used and probably won't be, unless something especially compelling comes across.

I could see a SECONDARY model that might use it for an annunciator display, but would take away from the primary function and take considerable extra computer cycles. This is just speculation, but I could only see that as a secondary product at best.

I have no real insight, just my opinion.