Question about adding new lights

Hi, I am a new Hubitat user and am trying to move from Iris. I have numerous Sylvania Bulbs that I tried to add using the Discover Zigbee and Zwave option. After I did this, it added 15 new lights all at once.

They all have the same description of Generic Zigbee Bulb (which is fine). However, I don't know which is which. I was going to try to turn them off individually so I could rename them as I located each one but it doesn't seem to let me do that.

When I click on one of them, it goes to "Commands" and I see "Configure, On, Off, etc." but when I click on those buttons, it doesn't do anything. Is there a way to turn these off and on so I can see which one is which? Thanks.

"On" or "Off" should definitely do something ("Configure" isn't quite what it might sound like, but if you changed drivers and didn't run it once, you probably should...but even here it sounds like it found the correct one by itself). If these don't work, it suggests that the bulbs aren't responding. Why is a different question. Someone else might have better ideas, but if you "reset" each bulb individually and re-pair it, it might both fix the problem and let you see which bulb is which. You don't need to delete the existing device from Hubitat first (it should automatically find the same device again and tell you it was "reinitialized" or similar, and the device name will be a link you can click on to view the device's "Edit" page where you can change the name). Of course, if you don't have any automations set up with these devices yet, deleting them from Hubitat and pairing them again would also work.

Basically, what you were trying to do is probably the best way; it's just that something else also appears to be wrong. Hopefully this helps.

While Hubitat will discover as many devices concurrently that are out there waiting to be discovered, it is confusing to do it this way.

I find it best to do them one at a time, make sure the new one works then move on to the next.

Yes, thanks to both of you. I removed all of them and am starting to add them back in one by one. This seems to be working better.

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