Qubino Z-Wave Flush Dimmer

Has anyone successfully paired Qubino flush dimmer with Hubitat ? I'm in search of dimmer for my lights and thinking of trying this one. Appreciate any feedback on Qubino flush dimmer.

I have one.

It sits behind a Legrand Adorne (dumb) switch in my Kitchen, for the downlight over the sink.
Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 6.14.10 AM

There's an Iris v2 Motion Sensor over the sink as well. Motion turns the light on at 90% and then off after 12 mins. If motion is sensed coming down the stairs, the dimmer is set to 15% to be part of a night light set of lights. Like 99% of the switches in my house, it's never touched, everything is automated.

I have two Qubino Flush 2 (dual relay) behind two other pairs of Adorne Push switches, which are for bathroom light and fan pairs. (All wall switches and wall outlets in my downstairs were changed to be Adorne for the look and so these module ZWave devices become the only way to automate them back in 2019. Today they offer Smart products that were't available then.. I won't be touching them now or in the future either. :slight_smile: )

There's nothing to say about the Qubino's or the Qubino Dimmer specifically... I bought it, Joined it, used it for 3-4 years without a thought on a C-4. This year, I bought the C-8 and had to manually migrate it along with the other 25 ZWave devices. It's been months now but if I remember correctly it needs 6 rapid switch pushes to Exclude and another 6 to Include. I don't remember the device in any other way so it must have migrated easily. On the other side of the wall, is a GE switch that I do remember. It won the coveted "Most Difficult to Include" device of the migration. That Qubino Dimmer is back to don't-even-think-about-it post migration... ready for another 3-4 years I assume. :smiley:

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Great writeup. Thank you very much.
Btw, do you use the HE built-in driver or any custom driver?


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