Qubino z-wave dry contact setup (ZMNHND3)

I'm planning to "roll my own" Garage Door opener using a Qubino dry contact switch and a separate tilt sensor. I'm fairly sure I can make it work for my situation, but I'd like to get the confirmation prompt on the dashboard for this switch (Are you sure you want to do this canned message). My assumption is that it does the prompt when it's secure inclusion but I could be wrong. Can I force the device to do secure inclusion? Is there another way of doing it?

I'm not sure about your dashboard question, but none of the Qubino devices support the security command class so it's not possible to join them secure.

ZWave devices that implement the Barrier Class MUST join securely. You're not planing on using a Barrier device. The Qubino will join normally and provide the contact closure you imagine it would. Same with the Tilt Sensor. You don't need to join it securely either.

mandatory canned message: Are you sure you want to do this?

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Ok, sounds like really I should just keep what I have then. I always worry a little about being gone and accidentally opening it. I can alway have rules in place that would close it again, but I'd rather have it a little more secure.

Appreciate the help!

Well, I'm finally back home and trying to set up my old garage door opener again but with the Hubitat update things look different. I'm fairly sure I'm doing it the right place, but now when I select add Z-Wave device it gets hung on initializing. I've rebooted the hub, and I've reset the door opener. They are two feet apart. Honestly I'm not feeling great about the code quality lately.

Am I missing something? Is there someplace else I need to do this? I've let this sit at least 15 minutes.

What opener are you using?

It's a GoControl Opener. Weird it just hangs there like that. I've tried waiting, redoing the countdown, everything I can think of. I'll probably try it again tomorrow, but I think it must be something with the security.

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