Qubino Mini Dimmer Set vs Report

I'm on C7 now and most things are eventually fine but I have this peculiar problem with Qubinos that is braking some scenes and automations.

See the log below where I use the device page to

  1. turn the device on
  2. set the level to 30
  3. set the level to 25


Note the log reports 30 OK and then 24, not 25. For a scene where the device is set to 25. The set level become 24 and the scene activation switch never comes ON which brakes triggers and rules.

When this happens, I also get the time glass forever on the device tile on the dashboard and status is wrong on the device page.

If I try other levels where set level and log output is right (like level 30 in the example above) everything works like a charm.

Could this be influenced by device parameters for minimum and maximum brightness? Currently they are set to 15% (min) and 85% (max).

I checked another Qubino and got this (consistent over two different devices)

Set Level / Reported Level (log) / Min Brightness / Max Brightness
30 / 30 / 15 / 85
25 / 25 / 15 / 80
25 / 24 / 15 / 85

It looks all wrong to me that reported level is slightly off compared to set level. Round issue in the stock device driver? Firmware problem with the Qubino device?strong text

I have opened a ticket with support on this. Still it would be interesting to hear from the community if someone is experiencing similar issues to rule out I have some kind of bad config.

Old post I know, but having exactly the same issue with one of my qubino mini dimmers. Did you ever found a solution for this issue ?