Qubino / Goap Flush Dimmer Drivers

Hi Community. Does anyone have experience with using the l2 and l3 inputs on the Qubino/Goap Flush Dimmer?
I am using momentary push button mechanisms on all 3 inputs. On l2 and l3 I use them to trigger the input to in-turn trigger a rule. I have tried using the inbuilt Hubitat driver, and it all works, BUT getting a status change on these two inputs is so inconsistent. l1 works immediately evertime, but l2 and l3 are useless, sometimes status changes immediately, sometimes you have to hold the momentary in for 10 seconds before you get a status change. I have tried all different types in the device settings (contact, motion, water etc.) and this makes no difference.
I have seen ericm's driver recommended and although the main device/driver works perfectly with l1 I can't for the life of me get the child devices to display and be able to use l2 and l3.

Edit: I have tried resetting and excluding, deleting all related devices and rules, then including between trying the different drivers. Still no joy.

Any suggestions?

Just adding this for reference because I was not aware of what I1, I2 & I3 were.

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I don’t understand the need for the Dimmer to have 3 inputs to control it. Can’t you just parallel up the 3 buttons you have onto I1 and achieve the same thing ?
It’s only a single channel dimmer.

Parameter no. 20 – Enable Disable 3-way switch

Available configuration parameters (data type is 1 Byte DEC):

Dimming is done by push button or switch connected to I1 (by default). Enabling 3 way switch dimming can be controlled by push button or switch connected to I1 and I2.

  • default value 0
  • 0 – single push button (connected to I1)
  • 1 – 3 way switch (connected to I1 and I2)

The two additional inputs, I2 and I3, allow you to have additional triggers for various things. Some people have used, for example, I2 to be an input from a non "smart" PIR to active lights.
For me, I fitted a wall plate with two additional momentary switches connected to I2 and I3 to trigger any rule I want. The globe icon switch triggers a rule that turns downlights off and sets bedside lamps using Philips Hue globes to a "relaxing" setting. The fan icon controls a zwave power plug that our pedestal fan is plugged into.

Edit: I should add; to dim the lights running from the main I1 connection you just press and hold the momentary switch. No need to wire it to the other inputs.

Ah gotcha. They fire off extra events. Sweet.

The problem is, using the default driver the status/event change when triggering the input is often delayed or doesn't work.

Other posts have suggested using the Ericm drivers. I've got the parent and child drivers installed, managed to get the child devices to also show (by uninstalling/reinstalling) but they aren't logging a status change at all.

Tagging @ericm to see if he can shed some light on it. See what I did there ??

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Brilliant. Very illuminating.

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Update: All working!! I excluded and deleted everything and started from scratch.
I found that the only way I could get the child devices to populate was to install the 'contact sensor child device', select 'sensor binary' under the i2 Or i3 endpoint in the parent device driver settings and hit save. This would polulate the child devices. To get the child device I wanted (Momentary push button), I then go and change to 'Momentary button' in the parent device settings. This now displays the child devices as momentary buttons.
From here they show as button devices and creating rules was a breeze.
Tested both inputs and mechanisms multiple times with different rules and although a very small (~2 seconds) delay, works like a charm every time!
@ericm is this something you've seen or heard happening. Either way, I am just so appreciative of your work on these drivers. Thank you!


Excellent to hear you got it working.
I wasn't aware that those devices had the extra 2 button capability that you could configure as seperate Zwave triggers. They really don't mention anything about that capability in the marketing that I've read. It could be a real handy feature and certainly adds "features for the buy price". Nice

I just happened to stumble across is when looking for alternative options to the aeotec ones I had been using.
The addition of 2 extra inputs means you can do so much more with it.
I agree, it should be more clearly advertised, it's a great feature. I've posted in the Aus group in case it is a feature that helps some other people.

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