Qubino Flush RGBW


Other Qubino devices have recieved official drivers recently which is great but the Flush RGBW has eluded us. Is official support for this device in the works? If no, will it ever be? Thanks in advance for your time and help.

Here's the product in question:


Furthermore it appears that it is being sold under the Monoprice brand as well for considerably less which would make it an excellent value proposition for HE users.


Help! Somebody! Anybody! Help!

If you send me one I'll build the driver :wink:

I use the built-in Fibaro RGBW driver for the 5-6 of these I have.

RGBW strip controllers I have are:

  • Qubino
  • Fibaro
  • Zooz

For Fibaro and Qubino I use the same driver (fibaro RGBW) but for the Zooz I use the Zooz RGBW built-in driver.

But I am also using an Aeon LED Bulb driver for one of my Qubino's. I moved it from one Hub to another and too that opportunity to see if a non-parent/child driver would work. I just need to have a random color, so I can't actually tell if this is working perfectly OR if it's sending color x and what I see is color y.

I'm also using the Fibaro driver but it these 2 devices have been giving me problems recently. The controllers essentially receive 1 command, be it ON/OFF or some Color/Brightness assignment, and then freeze. They won't receive anymore commands until I power cycle the device. If you say the Fibaro driver still works then maybe I need to start troubleshooting the devices themselves.

I'll consider it. What city are you in?