Qubino DIN Dimmer Z-wave

Newbie -- having trouble with Qubino DIN dimmers

I have 6 installed next to each other on a DIN rail, about 30cm from my hubitat. Am not using their switch leads, just hubitat to turn them on and off. The rest of my [new] setup is going fairly well -- tuya switches, Zigbee all work very quickly on press and are reliable.

The Qubino DIN keep "dropping" -- events do not show up in logs, and the unit goes unresponsive, with just some power reports, stuck in the previous state (on/off). Takes a week or so and then I have to remove + re-add. This has to be done very carefully to avoid leaving them as zombies, but have eventually figured out how to do this.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this, any suggestions on how to generate useful logs ?


Are they the ZMNHSD1? If so, they are on the list of compatible devices, so should workโ€ฆ

@bcopeland, any ideas?

They are relatively difficult to โ€œincludeโ€, but otherwise work just ok (relatively slow cf other devices) until everything stops - eventually all 6 have just stopped working - tried Z-wave refresh/repair; no dice. Exclude, include, rebuild rules/scenes, super painful.
This is what they look like

  • deviceType: 1
  • firmware1Version: 3.02
  • serialNumber: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • deviceId: 82
  • manufacturer: 345
  • zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x5A,0x73,0x98
  • secureOutClusters: 0x26
  • secureInClusters: 0x86,0x72,0x27,0x25,0x26,0x32,0x71,0x85,0x8E,0x59,0x70
  • protocolVersion: 4.0
  • hardwareVersion: 2
  • firmwareVersion: 3.02
  • S2: 128

C7 hub?

Post a screenshot of your Z-wave Details page (all columns).

Sadly I have similar issues on two other hub brands (one zwave plus V6, one V7 SDK). I thought to give Hubitat a try as a possible solution, but here you have the same issues :frowning: So it looks like a qubino problem.

Screenshot -- the Heltuns work great, very fast response. But the 6 Qubino "SPECIFIC_TYPE_POWER_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL" are the ones that are causing all the problems. I have no idea why one has a multi-route, all the equipment is <50cm apart in a cabinet.

I just excluded and re-included the bottom 5 late last night.
No zombie z-wave items.

Hopefully this is helpful.

I asked Qubino. They say : do not use S0 security. However how can I include a device without S0? I see articles that suggest you can choose at include and other that say you cannot.

I saw something about QR codes on the right hand side of the DINs (genius design), and needing to keep the aerial away from metal (again, on a DIN rail with wiring nearby!!). I expect if you include with the QR code that you might have a chance to pick security (like the Heltuns).

The other weird behaviour is after around 5mins one of the dimmers just turns off - with nothing in the logs โ€” have you ever seen that behaviour?


The QR codes for the DIN dimmer are not Smart Start codes.
I managed to add the devices without security (no S0) by using a second controller stick with the sylabs PC Controller. The procedure can be found on this forum. It is not hard, but sure is cumbersome. Add the stick to the hub network, add the device to the stick, sync with the Hubitat, unpair the stick. Complete the device config.
It would be nice if the Hub would not try S0 for devices that do not need it.

Auto off is an option for the DIN Dimmer. Make sure parameter 11 is set to zero.

Has moving from S0 -> no security improved responsiveness + connectedness [reliability/ease of inclusion would be ideal but is still an occasional event] of your ZMNHSD1's?
Thanks for telling me they are not Smart Start codes, I would have wasted a lot of time getting them out of my DIN rail enough to take pictures of and then them not working!

The comment in the instructions around keeping the aerial away from metal seems a bit hard to swallow - surely they are designed to be mounted next to each other on a DIN rail in an enclosure. Have you experimented with separating them at all ?

Following your suggestion I checked Auto Off on one of them using the HE Basic Zwave driver and parameter 11 is 0; will need to check this on my other ones. Good shout, not sure it explains the behaviour I am seeing though.



Hi Quentin,

So far so good. The connections are still there and stay responsive. Longer than I had them working last times, so looking good with no security.

Cheers Rene

Rene et al,

Just to followup, I eventually managed to move my 6 Qubino DIN Dimmer's to "No Auth" Z-wave from S0 using the community instructions for UZB stick from: UZB secondary controller from OSX

I used Aeotech UZB 500 stick on OSX, and while a great framework the instructions are slightly out of date -- do not try and override the driver, is fine to be a USB serial device in the windows VM and the PC Controller will do the right thing, only other advice is be patient and keep re-connecting, particularly for NWI to join hubitat, this took MULTIPLE tries for me, once you have it running it finds "new" Z-wave devices about 5 times quicker and easier than Hubitat.

About a week in and responsiveness MUCH improved, lights not turning off after 5mins, no dropped lighting circuits that have stopped responding [presumably no more sequence errors from the extremely chatty S0 with packet loss]. Just wish my builder had not thrown out the S2 authentication codes that are only in the packaging and not on the units!!


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