Qubino DIN Dimmer status not updated when manually turned on

I’ve a Qubino DIN Dimmer which works perfectly when activated via the app. But when I turn on the lights with a manual switch the status in the HE is not updated. It is a zwave plus device and to my understanding this should work. Anyone has an idea?

Z-Wave plus should indeed update their status back to the hub. I wonder if it might be on the edge of the mesh and not getting a good signal. Do you have any other Z-Wave issues?

Hi @Sebastien , you were right. If I move my HE directly next to the device it works. It’s weird though that turning on/off works nearly perfectly but updating the status seems to have some range problems. I probably need to put some device in between to extend the mesh.

Thanks for the hint!

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Happy to help! My personal preference for repeaters are Ring 2 Repeaters when I didn’t have switches or Z-Wave outlets to add. they work well with Hubitat. Some have had a good experience with Aeotec repeaters.