Qubino 1D third party temp sensor wiring?

What's the wiring setup for a third party two-conductor temperature probe? I've got a spare Qubino 1D laying around and some spare temperature probes that have 2 bare wires (as opposed to the male connector that the Qubino branded sensor has). My understanding is the I2 (input) can handle a sensor... but it's a single wire... where does the second wire go?

Answering my own question: it seems the input sensors, in general, are intended to be hooked across Neutral and their respective input slot (I1 or I2).

As for temp sensing: I get the impression I1 and I2 cannot do that - they are only capable of on/off signals, no analog sensing.

Correct it can sense l1 can sense contact but it’s also based on the voltage you are powering the 1D with. There is a separate input for the temperature sensor. Believe it’s a 3 wire sensor ds18b20 probe.