Pushover vs. Twilio for notifications?

I'm looking to get notified when something happens at my house. The current, top of mind thing is I want to get notified when the garage door is left open for more than a couple of minutes. I've read lots of topics here in the board talking about Pushover and Twilio and am looking for some input when to use each. There are some strong supporters of each.

Thanks in advance

I do this with voice (i.e. “you left the damned garage door open!”) and email direct from the hub



Pushover requires a one-time fee, and delivers push notifications to devices that have the Pushover app installed on them. Pushover also support a priority system, which can be used to create automatic recurring notifications until acknowledged. Notifications can also break through silent mode on iOS and Android.

Twilio requires more of a subscription, but can send SMS Text messages to devices without any special software installed.

A third option is to use the Hubitat Mobile App installed on each device to receive Push Notifications.


I just use the Hubitat mobile app, as @ogiewon mentioned. I already have it for presence (works some of the time? :grimacing:) and easy Dashboard access (I rarely use these and there are other ways, but this is the easiest). The third remaining function of the Hubitat mobile app--which you don't need for hub/device administration as with some other hubs--is notifications. Since that is free and meets my needs, I've never looked into any of the above options. Just something for you to consider if you haven't already!

EDIT - Just saw this video Support posted this morning:

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I switched my notification app from Hubitat app to pushover mainly because of the priority notification supported by pushover. Priority notification, as mentioned by @ogiewon,
is very useful for me for security related notifications because my phone is usually in silent mode. Pushover requires per account (App Store / Play store) one time purchase.


What is priority notification

By prefixing a pushover notification with [H] the notification will be set as a high priority notification and will still play the notification if the phone is muted.


Ah that's cool. I might have a go with that

Is this phone specific I can't get it working on my pixel

Should function on both iOS and Android phones. Check permissions to make sure you have allowed high priority for Pushover.

Worked with @Shaneb and we were able to get his working by prefixing the pushover message with [H] to set the message as High Priority. Example... [H] Water Detected on Basement Water Sensor.