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Hello there, I'm a new Hubitat user as of 13 hours ago!

Does the Pushover driver support HTML tags? Pushover is outputting everything as plaintext. There's an html parameter in the API, but no way that I can see to change it in the device preferences in Hubitat. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Interesting. Not sure if that was added after we wrote the original integration or not. In any event, I wonder if it is worth the effort since the html formatting is not displayed on the notification screen.

Due to limitations with notifications on mobile platforms, HTML tags and monospace formatting are stripped out when displaying your message as a notification (leaving just the plain text of your message). Once the device client is opened and your message has been downloaded from our server, it will be displayed with appropriate HTML or monospace formatting.

If I embed html table tags in the pushover message, will this work when posting with the needed html parameter? Will it display correctly on a smart phone with Pushover installed?

Give it a try. I don’t know if it will work or not.

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I was just curious if others had any experience with this before setting it up.

Hubitat Staff - anyway we could obtain an enhancement to allow setting the HTML input flag to yes via device settings?

Now I understand the request much better. I am working on tweaking my original Pushover driver to allow the use of "[HTML]" in the message as a method to enable the html flag in the http call to Pushover.

Early testing has been successful, with me being able to BOLD text in a message. I'll update my GitHub repo with the new version once I finish testing.


@jpoeppelman1 - I have updated my GitHub repository with a version that includes your request. See the bottom of the following post for the directions on how to use the [HTML] feature.

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