Pushing a virtual button requires piston command optimizations to be disabled

Hi team!

I am running a C-7 with FW version

In order to come back from Hub Mode "Away" to the right Hub Mode based on the hour of the day, I have created a virtual button that, when pushed, instructs the Mode Manager App to do just that:

When Hub Mode is Away and I push on this virtual button on its device webpage, Hub Mode changes to the right setting based on the hour of the day.

When I try to automate this in webcore, I built a simple piston that does not work:

Please note the error message:
Command optimization: Skipped execution of device command [Button return from away].push(1) because it would make no change to the device. (1ms)

When I disable command optimizations in the piston, the execution is as expected:

Is this the intended behavior or a bug?

To me, although somewhat unintuitive, it is working as intended.