Push notifications - speak the message on phone

just wondering if its possible to speak the message on phone.

for example, I get the notification and right now its just a chime sound..

Could I get a notification using TTS .. Motion detection at back door, or front door, or in yard

Only on certain speakers or devices, two with built-in support are Chrome Cast (Google Home devices) which works most of the time, Sonos always works, Echo devices work with Echo Speaks, although I haven't tried. There are probably a few other methods. I also used a Aeotec doorbell gen 5 to play custom mp3 files on a hub that was not connected to the internet.

Short answer - on a phone, no. You could probably send an mp3/wav file but if you are expecting your phone to suddenly wake up and say a message out of the blue, then no.

See posts #4/5 below

If you have an android phone, there might be a way using tasker. I used to have tasker setup to tts my incoming text messages when I had a Bluetooth headset on. Its been a while since I played with tasker, but might be an option.

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Can tasker read texts automatically? If so you should be able to send an SMS from HE although this will not be free Twilio - Hubitat Documentation

EDIT: Ah yes, I haven't used tasker in a long while as I've already got it set up to do what I need it to, I'd forgotten that tasker can initiate actions by monitoring for incoming calls or texts. I stand corrected on my negative statement above.