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Hi. I’m new to Hubitat, transitioning from SmartThings (ST). I did the change, thinking that ST has not future, and wanted to try an alternative that I can eventually offer to my clients…and relatives. I have a couple of questions, that I’ll post, in different pots, but just wanted to say that so far, the experience had been good. It reminds me the early days of ST, with the difference that +60 devices at home are working (with few exception). So I’m going directly to the questions

I downloaded the app in two different iPhones. Created two accounts, one for each iPhone. Each one is listed as a different device on my device list. For some reason only of the two phones can get the push notifications. I already logout/delete app/re-install/login again. Device presence is identified correctly, but I can’t find a way to get push notifications at both devices at the same time – is like working in one iPhone at the same time. I saw other posts regarding how to get push notifications in multiple devices, but I don’t find a response to this issue.

I use pushover where I just send the notifications to a queue. Then I just install pushover on any device I want and add the queue. I haven't found the app notification as reliable, but I have 3 hubs.

^^ I do this as well use Pushover on each device and just send the notification.

Thanks - I did Pushover ($4,99), it works. I hope eventually the push notifications at the native iPhone app works.

Hi there, Sorry to bring this (old) thread back to life, but I am new to HE and I am having the exact same issue. Once I've added the second iphone, no more notifications for the first. The notifications show in the app's notification list but they don't popup when they arrive.

Is the native app still flaky in that respect? Should I give up and try Pushover?

How many 'Phone' devices do you have in your Hub's "Devices" list? There should be one for each phone that you're running the Hubitat App on. When you sign into the App, it will ask you if this is a new device (i.e. it will create a new device for it on the hub) or if it should use one of the existing devices on your hub (i.e. you've replaced your phone with a new one.) Make sure you allow the Hubitat Mobile App to create a device for each distinct phone.

Thank you for the quick reply. I have two devices and both work fine as presence sensors. One of them receives notifications just fine and one doesn’t. I have tried sending a direct notification and that doesn’t go through either.

Well...truth be told, I use Pushover, as I really like the extra functionality it has over the Hubitat Mobile Apps' push notifications. I was using Pushover for Hubitat (in fact, I wrote the original integration) long before Hubitat even had a mobile app. For $5 one time, you get a lot of functionality, and it has been very reliable.

I just recently had one of my two iPhones stop receiving messages. Surprisingly, went into settings and hit the Select Hub button, selected my main hub, got my messages functioning again. Had been working fine for quite some time, just stopped one day. The second phone connected never experienced any issue.

I ended up removing the phone that was not receiving notification and adding it back and now it works. Presence is flaky but we'll see how it goes.

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