Push Notification question, iOS. LAN only?

Do they work if your not on the local LAN? I've never received a push notification on my phone when im not physically home and Armed. I do when I put it in Armed and physically home and open any one of the doors set up in HSM. Just wondering.. There were a couple cases where my kids came home when I was away and opened door and nothing.

Push Notifications go from the Hubitat Hub, to the Hubitat Cloud Server, and then to your phone running the Hubitat Mobile App. Your phone needs to be connected to a mobile data plan when not on WiFi to receive push notifications.

This is easy to test. Simply open your phone's corresponding device on your Hubitat hub, as shown below. Type in any text you'd like and click the Device Notification button. You should receive a push notification on your phone almost instantly. Next, disable just WiFi on your phone and try the same test. It may take a few seconds for the first push notification to come through after switching from WiFi to Cellular Data.


Thanks, that worked. Good to know its capable when not on LAN.