Purpose of EstimatedTimeOfArrival capability?

Does anyone know the purpose, or know of any usage of the EstimatedTimeOfArrival capability? It has one attribute: eta, which is a Date.

Naively, it seems like it would be more generally useful to have a capability for any device that exposes any kind of date, and "EstimatedTimeOfArrival" would just be one potential usage of that capability. However, I'm sure it was chosen that way for a reason. But I couldn't find any mentions of it using search on here or on Google.

Could be used for user presence in combination with gps app.. To show when they will arrive home.. But that’s just my guess...

Most of the capabilities make perfect sense.. Other have me scratching my head..

That was my guess too, but architecturally it seems too specific.

I think I'm going to "mis-use" it for my own purposes. :crazy_face:

If you want too specific.. Look at “SamsungTv”

No others ... Just samsung :crazy_face:

Scratch that.. Just saw TV

LOL that's awesome.

You can't really "misuse" a capability. Plus, I know of no native apps that use that capability currently so you're not going to be able to integrate it with any native apps. For example you won't be able to use that capability to find devices in Rule Machine. If you need a date attribute, just use a custom attribute. You're essentially doing the same thing, since this capability has no commands and only one attribute that is not used anywhere else.

I was merely trying to help you. But if you don't want to listen, then that's fine. Maybe the next person who reads this will find it helpful.

I would love to know what you found offensive about what I said. I was merely pointing out the limitations to what you are trying to do. It seems to me you hear what you want to hear. So, I won't bother anymore.