Pulling data out Tesla Powerwall

Hi,, I would be very interested to know if anyone has integrated Tesla Powerwall information with Hubitat? Can anyone show me how to do this please?

Welcome to Hubitat!! If searching here doesn't turn anything up, you might want to look at this.
Tesla Powerwall Manager app for the SmartThings Hub - DarwinsDen.com Smartthings apps/drivers can usually be ported to Hubitat fairly easily. I don't know where you are on your journey, but there are lots of folks here to help.

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@scottgu3 has a Powerwall and was looking at the data it provides with it's bit of JSON. So there might be some opportunity there.

Worst case... if either you or he can toss me a sample of the JSON I would be willing to try to throw together a simple driver for it, to at least parse that data in if it has no authentication or such.

Would probably take less than <5 min to grab the data in node red and shove it into Hubitat using Maker api.

Wow. That app @snell linked is pretty much the Bees Knees,.

Way over the top I'm thinking. I wanted to just pull the unauthenticated data, like operating mode, generation stats, etc. Mostly, I just want to know when the grid has gone offline so I can (maybe someday) develop some rules to load shed when I'm on battery, taking my house down to just the sump pumps and critical circuits!

Resources I have found:


I've played around with the API as documented by the first article, and I can get JSON results in line with the the API documentation.

As of yet I haven't done anything with it.

My inverter is broken right now, so I don't have any realtime data to provide.


Unfortunately, the credit goes to @zarthan, who provided the link to DarwinsDen.

You can have the credit!

Oops! Sorry @zarthan that was poorly done. I stand (very) corrected!


It doesn't matter who gets credit as long as someone does. :wink:

Yup, as long as @anecltd gets the answer they need, that is the whole point.

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Where is the link to Darwins den? Good to hear this is possible. Thank you all for your contributions!

@zarthan included it in his reply to you (immediately after your original posting). Should be a blue (depending on your browser) "this".

Apologies. I should have made it more obvious.

Sorry Yep found it... this is excellent thanks.

Any Update on a port?

If you can capture a sample of the json (pulling up the respective page in your browser maybe?) I would be willing to write up a driver for it to at least try to get the basics, or whatever is there.

I've logged into my powerwalls locally, but, on my Chromebook I'm not able to run the needed commands.

I started off on a driver, but got a bit sidetracked with the HoneyDo list this weekend. I will see if I can finish up the initial rough cut tonight.

I DOUBT it will work at first. I have only found API information other people have pieced together, plus you need a Tesla account (which I do not have). But hopefully after a couple attempts it will be functional at least. I hope.

I didn't need the Tesla account to access my gateway from the inside (which is where the Hubitat resides anyway), but I did need (struggling to remember) the Serial Number of the gateway or something like that. I'll probably have time to fiddle around this week and see if I can remember how to work it from Bash.


@scottgu3 If you open your app and switch from car to powerwall, then scroll to the bottom, you can tap to show your serial number (long hold to copy to clipboard) I had to reset my local password to access my web view as well.