Public Utility Meters - Zigbee Channel settings?

Anyone have a Zigbee radioed Public Utility meter for your property or nearby
...and suspect they see it using the Zigbee Channel Scanning feature in 2.3.6.x ?

IF so, what channel is it (or anything you can't identify) showing up on?

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Yes, I have an unidentified Zigbee device that I suspect is my electric meter. It is on Zigbee channel 11.

I will have a look but I know when my gas and electricity meters were changed due to a change of supplier, my zigbee network started to fail after a couple of days.
Had me chasing things for a week looking for a dodgy device before I thought that the issue could be the new meters and a bit of googling confirmed it.

I changed the channel of my hub and things settled down again.

This was 1 - 2 years ago.


Curious what the meter may talk to. Zigbee can't go far.

My water meter was changed a year ago. It now is wired to a box on the outside of the house. The water company says the box talks to a satellite AND it talks at least every hour based on the data shown on the website. I called the water company, they said the internal battery will last 10 years.

A reader can drive by without having to bother with physically accessing the property the meter’s on.

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The intended range of a transmitter in a smart meter is typically very localized. While the utility-side radio needs to reach a neighborhood concentrator, typically mounted on a nearby pole, smart meters can also mesh through other smart meters to communicate with the concentrator. (using five hops or less)

I have a SolarEdge SE7600A solar PE inverter that has Zigbee, and I think it shows up on the zigbee scan, even though the Zigbee connection isn't in use. (I have the inverter hardwired to Ethernet).

I would have thought Zigbee for an utility meter wouldn't work so well, since there's no mesh to talk to.

My utility meters just broadcast in the 900MHz band. The electric and gas companies drive by once a month to pick up the signal. I read my electric meter using rtlamr (GitHub - bemasher/rtlamr: An rtl-sdr receiver for Itron ERT compatible smart meters operating in the 900MHz ISM band.) and an RTL-SDR dongle.

(At my house I can see about a dozen electric meters. it's really quite interesting - you can monitor your neighbor's electric usage and see usage dips when they are away, for instance)

Our water meter recently was updated to something that apparently uses 4G to phone home it's data.

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