PSA: New 2.10.118 Hotfix may cause a little re-working of RM actions



Just applied the latest hotfix and found that any RM 3.0 action that sets "string" based global variables needed to be re-done, most likely due to the new feature "Remove String". I can't say for sure if the action was actually broken by the change but the UI was all messed up so I assume so.

Just wanted to give you the heads up in case you can fix this before @AndyM applies the update and loses his mind!

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What happened when you opened the actions that had one?

The "set portion" was gone but the string value was still present. So I was able to fix by opening the "blank" action, choose set string and then the value appeared and allowed me to save. It also caused conditional actions that used string variables to have "blank" values until I opened and re-set them using the new UI.

I just created these rules this morning on 2.10.117. I only had two rules with about 10 actions between them so fixing it wasn't a major issue, but others may not have as much fun.

I've noted the problem in the hot fix release announcement. Will find a fix tomorrow. If you roll back they'd be fine. Or, as you found, just opening them and redoing them. I must have missed a step on the backwards compatibility. I know they still work correctly, it's just a UI issue.

For some reason this "hotfix" update is taking forever to download 1% at a time, first hub took about 20 minutes to update,

Second hub did the same thing, and once it got to 88% stated update failed...

It's possible, just possible, you're not the only downloader tonight? :smiley: :smiley:

I just did half of my 4 hubs, and it was 'normal speed' ~ 2 min range.

Cool, glad it isn't a functionality issue. Thanks for staying on top of it Bruce!

HAHA......funny guy, at this hour prob not to many Normal speed was what the first 2.10 did....not this one, now my 2nd hub is stuck on 24%

Still daytime here... Oh wait I live in Alaska in the summer, that's right...


I try :slight_smile:

I just did Hub #3 and it too loaded in 2 mins or less

Found the problem with the string variables. Easy fix....


Could be from my satelite internet bouncing off the current tornadoes causing problems .......should I contact support?


3rd hub's progress...

Darn.. I went to get another progress.. and it's done. :frowning:

I'll start the final one.. 4th Hub... 11 mins past the hour.
Extracting.. 13 mins past the hour.



And done.. 15 mins past the hour.. so 4 mins total, including updating this post. :slight_smile:

Ya 2 failed attempts and my hub 2 is just now done......maybe another hour I'll be done with all 3

Too late for that! But you caught me before I updated, so I'll wait for the next hotfix, even if it turns out just a UI issue.

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So.....I just now got done updating hub 3......although I did get hit with a tornado while trying to update as to why I stopped you

Everyone, everything OK?

If all is well,, you win. :smiley:

Ya, just a BUNCH of tree damage, lost power for about 8 hours. Neighbors Brand new truck wasn't so lucky a tree flattened it like a pancake

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Didn't like the color of the truck anyway :smiley:

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