PSA: Nest x Yale lock now has Google Asst

Best news for HE users that have these locks and a Google Assistant Relay server setup, is that we can now over come one of the limitations of the stock Nest feature-set.

In my case I already HE compatible contact sensors on my entryway doors that are fitted with the Nest x Yale locks. So I can now lock the door after it's closed using RM and the Google Assistant Relay driver ported by @ogiewon using the command [CC]Lock My xx Door.

The stock integration with Nest only auto-locks the door after a configurable time out regardless if the door is actually closed (super dumb as it really should be able to use the Nest Detect Door Sensor to confirm the door is closed first).

I can't tell you how many times my kids have closed one of the doors on an extended deadbolt after leaving it open beyond the time-out. So I'm super happy to see this work-around added.

Thanks again to Dan for porting this driver (Google Assistant Relay) and all the developers of HE for making this growing platform even better!


I should probably have mentioned that if you are not seeing the option in Google Assistant to integrate the lock you will need to go into the nest app settings and select works with nest and choose update in the Google Assistant integration, it will then ask you to add the permission.

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