Prospective User, wondering which model to try

Looking to try out Hubitat. my question is should I test the waters with the C7 or just jump in with the C8 or C8 Pro?

I have a Homekit environment and am running HomeBridge (as a docker on unRAID). I have a number of non-HK compliant devices working through HomeBridge, as well as an Abode Gen 1 security system that "supports" HK. I put in quotes because the stupid system needs to rebooted every so often because the system goes offline from the HomeKit app every week or so.

The issue I have with HomeBridge is that there's not a plugin for everything and some of them require credentials to be provided, which I don't feel great about either, especially the non-verified plugins.

Anyways, long story short, I wanted to play around with the Hubitat but wasn't sure which one to get. The price difference isn't huge, so wasn't sure.

Thanks in advance for any assitance

If you can afford it, get the C-8 Pro. Antennas like the C-8 plus double the memory makes it a no-brainer in my opinion. If you go Zigbee or Z-Wave at some point you'll be glad you have the external antennas. The HomeKit Integration will be the same on any of the models and works great. I retired my HomeBridge that I was running on a pi.

If you are not experimenting with AliExpress gadgets - definitely the C-8 Pro will be the better and the future-proof choice.

The only benefit of the older C-7, in my opinion, is the better compatibility with some Tuya Zigbee devices. If you are not using such ones - go with the C-8 Pro.

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Thanks to you both for the replies. I just set up my C8 Pro with no problems. Now on to figuring out the particulars of my home setup :smiley: