Prolight zigbee bulbs

How do i pair Prolight zigbee bulbs with Hubitat? i have reset them with a hue basic remote with zero and one pushed in. Waiting for 3 x flashing But no pairing. They are color and white

Is the hub in zigbee pairing mode as well?

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Do you see a 'device found, initializing...' or just nothing?

Open a new tab in the PC browser : Settings -> Zigbee Details => View Logs
and start the pairing process in another tab in the browser.

Do you see any logs from an unknown device ( a four digits number) when trying to pair the Prolight bulb?

Sample logs

2 of the 4. And only coolwhite (ca6000 Kelvin). The bulbs are full color

I now have all four bulbs connected. But how to set the color (i just only need them als normal room bulb so yellow white 3000Kelvin) Now they are about 6000K