[Project] Cell Phone Location to HE (app to follow)

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Well, here is a summary...

Then after a little back and forth with @olddoggy both on here and in PM's, I started messing around with this again.

After a couple of hours I was able to create new places with Tasker, send them to HE and start to track my location using a custom driver/device! With the Location driver pretty much done, I started modifying my Life360 Tracker app. Since I already had that working with user defined places, it didn't take much time to get it to work with the new Places formatting. A working app is born, Location Tracker!

I still have some things to do, so no timetable on release but wanted to get some feedback as I move along.

Now for the some good stuff...

Requirements (this could change!)

  • Android cell phone
  • Tasker
  • AutoLocation (Tasker add on)
  • MapQuest Developer Key (free)

Okay, now for my first question...

In Tasker I have a input box popup that asks for a Name for the new Place, it then sends the Name, Lat and Lng to HE using the Maker API. I also have Tasker sending the current Lat and Lng data anytime the phone is 'moving', once it is set down it stops sending data until 'active' again.

Is there anyway to do this or something similar with an iPhone?

This sounds interesting, I wish tasker made an app for iPhones but I think Apple makes it a lot harder to get most of the phones data than Android does. How are you limiting battery consumption if its always sending location info while moving?

Right now I'm not, this is still very much a work in progress. I had it running yesterday and went to a Christmas party at my oldest daughters house. My phone was in a moving state for about 4 straight hours, mild usage, lots of pictures, messaging and also had Life360 running. Had about 53% battery left when we left on my Pixel 4. Not too bad but could differently be improved.

I'll be posting my Profiles and Tasks soon for anyone to suggest improvements.

@bptworld Bryan, I am definitely interested in testing for you. Let me know if I can help.

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